District 27 House Seat B

John Stokes

District 27, House Seat B

I have always loved business and family. I am married and father of 8. I own and operate retail locations in Idaho, Utah, and Montana including Stokes Market here in our district. I serve on the parent board company of Snake River Manufacturing for Double L and Kodiak manufacturing companies and a partner in Pickett Equipment. I am a former board member of Associated Food Stores (a $2B company in Salt Lake City.

I help failing businesses become successful and profitable with my proven business strategies of identifying problems and seek solutions.

I am running for office because I see problems in government, and believe I know the solution.

Idaho could do better and I want to improve Idaho. I am not a career politician, but a proven successful businessman that can bring a lot to the Idaho legislature. I believe families matter and want to keep Idaho family values in tact.

Ronald Reagan quoted George Orwell who said, “FREEDOM is the RIGHT to say No!” I am running for office because our right to say no has not been protected during the pandemic. Many politicians in an effort to get along forgot their duty and the duty to protect our liberties. I will protect individual liberty, limit government, protect and enhance checks and balances that will shut down bureaucrats who threaten our freedoms and choose what is essential.

VOTE for John Stokes 2022. I look forward to protecting your freedom as your next representative.

Paid for by Campaign to Elect John Stokes, Lyndon Crane Political Treasurer

John Stokes 4 Idaho, PO Box 608, Burley Idaho 83318